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"He’s brilliant. At first, I thought, ‘Oh, is he going to be Hollywood stud-like?’
But he’s a really kind, wonderful person. 
He said to me one day early in the making of the movie, ‘You know, I was kind of worried about you’. 
He thought I was going to be a perfect skin, which I am certainly not.
It didn’t take long for Leo to crack and see who I really am, and we became very close. 
But, I must say, he is absolutely gorgeous.” Kate Winslet

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wendy torrance: [to jack]

"it’s amazing how fast you get used to such a big place. i tell you, when we first came up here i thought it was kinda scary"

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The FellowshipSmiles.

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Minimalist Hitchcock movie posters designed by Matt Needle, via myampgoesto11.

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some really great star wars behind the scenes pictures that arent as popular around on this website

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Many have braved playing Queen Elizabeth I, one of the most complex and rewarding characters in history and literature. Here are some of the most iconic examples from both movies and TV shows, old and new, male and female.

  1. The Virgin Queen (1955) Bette Davis
  2. Orlando (1992) Quentin Crisp
  3. Shakespeare in Love (1998) Judi Dench
  4. Blackadder (1986) Miranda Richardson
  5. Doctor Who (2013) Joanna Page
  6. Anonymous (2011) Vanessa Redgrave
  7. Elizabeth I (2005) Helen Mirren
  8. The Virgin Queen (2006) Anne-Marie Duff
  9. Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) Cate Blanchett 
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